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Hi, I'm Julie Christine Robertson Tennant, that's where the acronym jcArt comes from- yes, I know, how original.  

The jcArt Gallery Shop is a life long dream of mine. I have been in love with art as long as I can remember, both as the creator, and the observer. 

I started The Annabelle and Delilah Foundation after my twin daughters made their grand entrance ten weeks early and was inspired to help others facing similar experiences. 

I'm also an advocate of equality, and lifting up those who need it most. I believe that compassion for all, and sustainability in all areas of life are the only way to move forward. That's why I like to interview people with extraordinary life stories to provide a glimpse into what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. I call the series of interviews, "Down with the Stigma".

Any questions? Reach out at julie@jcart.online. 

Love & Hugs.