where all hearts beat as one.

The effects of music on the mind, mental health, and development are well documented.

The following is a variety of music from artists who believe in the benefits of sharing music: improved mood & cognition, comfort, pain relief, stress & anxiety reduction.

It has the magical power to create a sense of community among shared listeners.

Singing in unison causes heartbeats to sync, for real.

If you love music, and would like to hear more from these artists, I strongly urge you to support them the best way a capitalist society will allow: buy their merch, buy their music, and go to their shows!

Ghostly Hounds.jpg

"I Pray", The Ghostly Hounds

Big shout out to Francesca Mirai for the permission to share this track!

Dan Tait.jpg

"These Lonesome Blues", Dan Tait

Thank you, Dan for sharing this swinging blues jam with us!

"Say The Same", Almost Kennedy

Thank you, Phil Hulan for the permission to share this track:

"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue", a Bob Dylan cover by Steve Robinson-- Thank you, Steve for sharing this track:

Art has allowed me to exist in a world I build for myself.

Music has allowed me to survive the world constructed by others.

Food; soul food, mind food, body food.

Words are my freedom.

Love, radical love and compassion is what I'm here to do.

For me and for you.

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