New Year, Same You

Updated: May 14, 2020

Have you any resolutions for 2020? Has anyone asked? Are New Year’s resolutions still a thing?

Remember Mister Roger’s Neighborhood? He has an episode all about being you. The message is that no matter what you do, where you go, or how you change your appearance, you are still you.

What makes you, you? What do you love about yourself? How does your self-love allow you to love others?

This year, I would like to make a suggestion (edit: a revolution). Instead of focusing on all the things you want to change about yourself, why not resolve to remind yourself about all the things you think are bang-on about you? Skip the 6-week resolution crash and burn. I want to know what you really, really like about yourself. What are the things you want to keep about you? The things that make you feel good for being you? Why don’t we resolve to do more of the things that make us love ourselves?

Good things have a domino effect. Love yourself enough and all those dominoes will fall into place, exactly where they were meant to be.

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